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The Gadget Show | 2022 Preview (Channel 5)

Whether it’s a big screen telly or a must-have flagship phone, we’ve got you covered. And for those who like their gadgets to stand out, Craig Charles is back and asking the nation to help him test out tech so innovative it’s a surprise it even exists!

In a new feature, we delve into the history books and see just how far the world of tech has come as we celebrate the run-up to the show’s coming of age, after nearly 18 years on TV. Harry and Jordan return with yet more ways to save money using the power of tech.

Plus the inside track on what’s hot in the world of gaming. In the first show in the new series, Ortis and Georgie go head to head with a pair of 55- inch TVs to see if you can save a packet buying ‘off brand’ without compromising quality.

Jon’s gone on holiday to Coventry with budget travel vlogger Chelsea Dickenson to give three ultra budget smartphones under £100 a run for their money. But at this price, are any of them worth considering for your next upgrade?

Jordan’s spent the winter months hunkered down in her gaming lair ready to share all the big news for gaming in 2022: once again, it’s looking to be a good one. And Craig Charles has his mitts on the Razer Zephyr, a brand new LED-laden mask designed to help us breathe freely during the city commute.

The Gadget Show returns Wednesday 2nd March on Channel 5.


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