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Dubai Hustle | Series 3 Preview (BBC Three)

With exclusive access to one of the busiest high-end, Brit-owned property agencies in the city, this sun-soaked series will follow the young agents' fortunes as they navigate their way through this cutthroat and highly competitive world.

It's not easy for these young brokers, who must learn to navigate the complexities of the city’s strict code of conduct. The stakes are high for these plucky individuals: if they don’t land the deal, then a broker from a rival company will.

But if they work hard, hustle hard, and have a bit of luck on their side, there’s big money to be made and an opportunity to live out their dreams of real estate success.

The Brokers are back for a third series! Adam and Jake try to impress an influential client, new boy Eddie attempts to become a millionaire investor’s exclusive agent and Chris is under scrutiny.

Dubai Hustle returns Tuesday 2nd January at 9pm on BBC Three.


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