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Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly | Preview (Channel 5)

In the opening episode of the new series, Graeme Hall travels to Bristol where he meets the Cramptons who were hoping a gentle, loving, placid giant St Bernard would improve their family life.

But instead, they got Dave, who causes chaos wherever he goes. Whether he’s using grandma as a seat, stealing anything in sight or ruining family time - Dave does what he wants when he wants! Can Graeme help restore harmony?

Over in Surbiton, owners Gemma and Josh have called Graeme to help quash their Pug Rodney’s extreme foot fetish. His obsession is so strong, he’ll dash at runners, sniff out a slider or latch onto anyone’s show laces.

With Gemma expecting a baby, his fetish needs to be nipped in the bud before somebody goes head over heels and has a serious accident. This challenge will be no mean feat for Graeme.

Graeme’s final visit in episode 1 is in Teddington where he meets teenager Millie, whose parents finally caved in and gave her the much-wanted dog she was so desperate for. Three-year-old Royce has a rather embarrassing problem though – he ‘splats’.

But it’s not an issue with his digestive tract, it’s when it’s time for walkies that he ‘splats’, making going anywhere with him a real drag and a major cause of embarrassment for Millie and her friends. With Millie due to start uni and leaving Royce with her mum, will Graeme be able to stop the ‘splat’ in time?

Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly returns Tuesday 2nd January at 8pm on Channel 5.


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