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Dickens In Italy With David Harewood | Preview (Sky Arts)

Actor and writer David Harewood fronts brand new, two-part series, Dickens in Italy with David Harewood (w/t), as he follows in the footsteps of one of the world’s most famous writers and his little-known journey through Italy’s most beautiful cities.

Reframing the idea that Dickens was a quintessentially English writer, David will uncover Italy’s influence on Dickens’ writing style, political beliefs and its personal impact as he traces the novelist’s Grand Tour through Venice, Naples, Genoa and Rome.

David Harewood commented: “Dickens has millions of avid readers, and his works remain enduringly popular the world over. His time in Italy is little-known and often disregarded, yet it was completely formative for him personally, politically and informed the writing style which captured so much attention...

"I’m looking forward to following his path and uncovering some new stories about the writer we all know so well.”

Also coming this Christmas, one-off documentary Dickens: Phantoms and Fictions explores the haunting world of Charles Dickens' supernatural tales, delving into his eerie and atmospheric worlds through actor readings and archive footage, and exploring the popularity of ghost stories during the Victorian era.

Dickens in Italy with David Harewood (2x60) begins Tuesday 19th December on Sky Arts.


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