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Insomnia | Preview (Paramount+)

Based on the novel of the same name by bestselling author Sarah Pinborough, INSOMNIA follows successful career woman Emma Averill, as she might be losing her mind, when her hard-won dream life starts to turn into a nightmare.

Line Of Duty star Vicky McClure leads the cast as Emma, and serves as Executive Producer. Tom Cullen (The Gold) will play Emma’s loving husband Robert, whilst Smylie Bradwell (Wisting) and India Fowler (The Nevers) play Will and Chloe, Emma and Tom’s children.

Leanne Best (Bolan’s Shoes) joins the cast as Emma’s estranged sister Phoebe, who shows up in town without a word of warning, whilst Corinna Marlowe (Hysteria) is Emma’s mother Patricia.

Also cast are Dominic Tighe (Suspicion), Jade Harrison (Wedding Season), Lyndsey Marshal (Inside Man), Robert Gilbert (Killing Eve) and Michelle Bonnard (Unforgotten).

A couple of weeks before her fortieth birthday Emma stops sleeping — just as her mother had done at the same age and right before she suffered a violent psychotic break on the night of her own fortieth birthday. Emma’s mother always told her she’d go the same way, that she had the same “bad blood,” and now Emma’s terrified it’s true.

But even as Emma’s sleep deprivation starts making her question her own reality, she can’t help but feel like there’s something else amiss — her mother is in the hospital after a sudden injury, her estranged sister shows up in town without a word of warning and she constantly feels as if she is being watched.

Is exhaustion just making her paranoid, or is someone maliciously trying to destroy her? As events worsen, Emma’s world starts to unravel and she realises that only by investigating the truth of her painful past, can she find the answers to her present and prevent tragedy from striking a second time.

Vicky McClure said: "Myself and BYO Films are really excited to be working alongide Left Bank on ‘Insomnia’. It’s a very different role for me, Sarah Pinborough has written such an exciting script. We have a fantastic cast, crew and production team all set for a very fulfilling few months ahead!"

Paramount's Sebastian Cardwell said: “INSOMNIA is a great addition to our growing UK scripted slate and is another example of the quality local content Paramount+ is commissioning from award-winning storytellers...

"We very much look forward to working with Left Bank Pictures on the series and seeing this heart-pounding thriller come to life.”

Insomnia lands 23rd May on Paramount+.


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