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A Country Life For Half The Price | Series 4 Preview (Channel 5)

Natural history presenter and all-round country girl Kate Humble traded in her London terraced house and all the stresses of city life more than a decade ago for an amazing new home on a Welsh hilltop and a much simpler, more peaceful existence.

In this new series she’s following others as they do just the same. Today she meets Pete and Sharon who are moving nearly 700 miles from Bristol to Orkney with Sharon’s mum Lynne and their 80+ animals. After finding love later in the life, these two are leaving their cramped suburban semi for seven stunning acres of island countryside.

Packing up their old life in Bristol is quite a feat, with everything from horses and sheep to goats and geese all making the ferry journey across the North Sea to their new home. Sharon has given up her full-time job to concentrate on their menagerie of animals while Pete is trying to get some plumbing work on the Island to tide them over.

But he’s kept busy getting their new smallholding safe for all the animals, including new fencing to keep their ducks safe from the island sea otters. More animals appear when Kate goes back to visit, as the arrival of a new sheepdog puppy is keeping them on their toes.

Kate gets Pete straight to work and takes him and the new pup for some training with a local expert. With 15% of the world’s seal population living on Orkney, Sharon finds out more about these local inhabitants and is inspired by a visit to the island’s rescue centre during pupping season.

Will this Bristolian trio adapt to island life way up north and find their feet in their new community? And can they cope with the weather in one of the remotest spots in the UK?

A Country House For Half The Price airs on Channel 5.


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