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The Challenge UK | Preview (Channel 5)

Sixteen of the UK’s finest stars from sports and entertainment join host Mark Wright to fight for their share of £100,000 and the title of Challenge Champion. These stars have a track record full of parties, hook-ups, and memorable one-liners, but none have ever played The Challenge before.

Contestants are shocked by the gruelling nature of this new competition, which not everyone will leave unscathed. Will these titans be able to adapt and thrive in this treacherous new terrain of brutal athletic battles, political betrayals, and sultry distractions, or will they fall apart as the pressure builds throughout the season?

After the first elimination, the game gets real! The first alliances are formed heading into the second Challenge, where their endurance and memory are put to the test. The Challengers quickly realise they are only as strong as their partners, and it will take a lot more than just physical superiority to take home a victory in this game.

Power proves to be complicated for the Challenge winners when they are forced to choose between alliances and friends. Meanwhile, romance in the house heats up as one Challenger decides it's better to play hard to get.

The Challenge is in full swing, and the name of the game is to survive another night. At the Getting Tyred Challenge, Challengers have to solve puzzles and tasks for points. Arabella is faced with her first major decision of the season.

Does she side with the strongest alliance in the house, or does she stay loyal to an old friend? Meanwhile, romance is at an all-time high as two Challengers take their relationship to the next level.

The Challenge UK begins Monday 20th February on Channel 5.


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