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Catfish UK | Series 3 Preview (MTV)

Oobah and Nella embark on a trip around the UK and Ireland, exposing the truth, lies, love and everything in-between, investigating devoted couples who have never met in person.

Suspicions come to a head as these social media sleuths uncover the mysteries of online dating, from all-new relationships to long-term lovers – not even the most advanced catfish can hide!

In the first episode, professional gamer Shan met Tom in the Metaverse, dated and fell in love. However, he was reluctant to meet in real life and after a few months they parted ways leaving Shan with several unanswered questions.

Shan is desperate to find out whether Tom really is who he said he was and to get the closure she has been looking for. In a Catfish UK first, it’s up to Oobah and Nella to enter a whole new world, the Metaverse, to find out whether Shan's virtual reality romance was the real deal or not.

Later in the series, Geoffrey has been speaking to the stunning Jasmine for 4 months. They’ve built such a deep connection online and he believes he’s found his soul mate. However, they’ve never even spoken on the phone and she has refused to meet him on several occasions.

Oobah and Nella are determined to discover if Jasmine is the real deal and leave no stone unturned to find out the truth behind the online profile.

Catfish UK returns Wednesday 11th January at 10pm on MTV.


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