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999: What's Your Emergency and 24 Hours In A&E | Previews (Channel 4)

The two Channel 4 factual series return for new series.

999: What's Your Emergency

Mondays, Channel 4

This episode, filmed with South Yorkshire Police, reveals what happens under cover of darkness with police on the beat and as a 12-hour nightshift begins for call handlers. In Doncaster town centre, aka 'the wild west' according to PCs Ben Gill and Jamie Hills, there's already a call to help restrain an aggressive drunk who is assaulting a colleague on foot: it takes three of them to restrain him.

'There's definitely a culture in Britain of going out and just getting absolutely spangled,' says Ben. Jamie adds 'there's nothing more sobering than a load of policemen tackling you and then dragging you into the back of a van.'

In nearby Sheffield, PCs Bernice Gott and Rachel Brightmore are monitoring pub and club-goers from a public order van, and they don't have to wait long before being called to help a badly injured victim of a fight that's in progress. As the night wears on, there's a change in rhythm to calls coming into the emergency control room.


24 Hours In A&E

Tuesdays, Channel 4

It's a busy day in Resus for emergency care nurse Tim, who is juggling beds with a steady flow of new patients into the department. Tim reflects on his role and describes the huge impact that his father, a GP, had on his life, before he tragically died of brain tumour.

Pam, who has Alzheimer's, is brought in with suspected sepsis. The 82-year-old's daughter Lisa paints a picture of Pam in her early years as a lively, fun-loving woman managing a West End club.


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