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Breaking Dad At Christmas | Preview (ITV)

Bradley and Barney Walsh will be up to snow good as they take their famous RV across the sea to the magical island of Iceland, for a special bumper Christmas episode of the beloved father and son travel show.

The Walsh boys will test themselves to frosty new limits in the country of volcanoes, glaciers and breath-taking landscapes, finding Christmas joy and terrifying challenges in equal measure.

Barney says: “Our family loves Christmas, so, as a special present to dad this year, I’m giving him some challenges on a festive trip to Iceland. If he’s not keen on those he’s always got the RV. He loves driving that thing. It’s going to be great fun.”

Bradley says: “Barney knows I hate the cold but I love Christmas, so I had to say yes to a festive road trip around Iceland. I just hope I can find somewhere to roast my chestnuts.”

By the end of all their festive frolics, will they discover the most valuable Christmas experience is spending time with the people we love, or will they be left bickering about their frostbite?

Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad At Christmas airs this December on ITV.


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