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Body On The Beach: What Happened To Annie? | Preview (BBC Three)

How did Annie Börjesson die? This is the question asked again and again by Annie’s friends and family, ever since her body was first discovered on Prestwick Beach in Scotland on the 4th of December, 2005. This four-part series looks at the complex case.

Quickly labelled a tragic suicide by the authorities, Body on the Beach: What Happened to Annie? examines a mysterious and puzzling series of events around the death of the 30-year-old Swede who lived in Edinburgh.

Fascinated by Annie’s story, Scottish journalist Hazel Martin investigates. “I was only 13 when Annie died but the story of her death has always stayed with me,” she says. “Many people, her friends and family included, believe that Annie was actually murdered. The question is – could they be right?”

Hearing from Annie’s loved ones, a range of experts and the police who first worked on the case, Hazel launches her own in-depth investigation into what really happened. She interviews Annie’s best friend Maria Jansson, pathologist Dr Stuart Hamilton and forensic psychologist Dr Keri Nixon.

Along the way Hazel pieces together the strange series of events leading up to Annie’s death, revealing disturbing differences in the forensic analysis and coming up against a wall of secrecy and classified documentation.

After many months of research, Hazel and her team look at the evidence around her mysterious death, presenting a comprehensive story about what may have happened to Annie Börjesson.

Body On The Beach: What Happened To Annie? is a co-production for BBC Scotland and BBC Three, made by Rogan Scotland. All four episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer from Tuesday 4 July.


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