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All Creatures Great & Small | Series 3 Preview (Channel 5)

Siegfried decides to give James a poorly timed reminder about his responsibilities as a vet while he prepares for his honeymoon with Helen, leaving James feeling torn between his professional and private life.

James feels further challenged when he encounters farmer William Henry at the Drovers, who worries that his cows might have tuberculosis. After a heavy night, James finds himself high up in the Dales at Henry’s to perform a second round of TB testing far from where he’s supposed to be on his wedding day.

Despite Tristan being given an important task by James and Helen, Siegfried decides to take charge of things on his brother’s behalf.

An unforeseen mishap at the practice involving Mr Mulligan’s vomiting dog Clancy leaves Siegfried scrambling to resolve things before James, Helen and Tristan find out.

Tristan is sent to convince James to put down his work at Henry’s and come back to Skeldale. When it emerges that one of Henry’s cows is more unwell than initially thought, James feels unable to leave the farm.

A word from Mrs Hall helps Siegfried realise the influence that his words have on James. Siegfried shows him that sometimes difficult choices have to be made and recognises James’ dedication to his job by making him junior partner at the practice.

He feels grateful that, as vets, James and Tristan are in protected jobs so unable to volunteer to fight in the potential war.

Returns Thursday 15th September on Channel 5.


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