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What to watch this week.

The Control Room

Sunday-Tuesday, BBC One

Gabe is blackmailed into further criminal behaviour by Anthony. In order to escape the nightmare of the present, Gabe has to confront his past.

Witness Number 3

Monday-Thursday, Channel 5

After an attack on Jodie's salon, the police increase her flat's defences - strengthening the windows and doors. As her paranoia mounts, and the stress on her builds, she pushes Paul away.

Scarlett Moffatt Investigates

Tuesday, Channel 4

With more people than ever being diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome, Scarlett Moffatt travels around the country to uncover the potential causes of this strange medical phenomenon.

Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport

Wednesday, ITV

Return of the documentary going behind the scenes of the airport.


Wednesday, BBC Two

Drama, starring Zawe Ashton and Hayley Squires, written by Lucy Kirkwood over 48 hours following the violent and high-profile murders of several women in 2020 and 2021.

The Newsreader

Sunday, BBC Two

Australian drama following the unlikely bond between a young TV reporter and a female newsreader in the 1980s.


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