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PREVIEW: 24 Hours In Police Custody (Ep2), Channel 4

Another gripping true crime documentary featuring unprecedented access behind the scenes as police investigate a major crime.

It's Saturday night in Luton, and a man is fighting for his life after being shot at point blank range in the chest with a handgun. The attack appears to be a completely unprovoked shooting of a stranger. With a gunman on the loose, the police launch a frantic operation to find the identity of the suspect.

DC Colin Knight of Bedfordshire Police's Guns & Gangs unit admits the pressure: 'We have a very dangerous person out there willing to shoot innocent members of the public. The ultimate fear would be if he's done it once he can do it again...'

A young woman walks into Luton police station and tells detectives she too has been threatened by the man. 'He caught me by my throat, and put the gun against my head and asked me whether if I was a wolverine or wolf.'

Cameras follow every twist and turn of the manhunt as detectives gather evidence to work out what really lies behind the attempted murder of an innocent man, as they try to catch the shooter before he strikes again. This is real-life drama where the facts really do turn out to be stranger than fiction.

24 Hours In Police Custody continues Mondays at 9pm on Channel 4.


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