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The Pet Show, hosted by Dermot O'Leary and Joanna Page, has been axed by ITV after one series, TV Zone understands.

The Pet Show was weekly series shot on location across the UK and allowed viewers to see celebrities coo over their much-loved creatures. The series aired in Autumn 2021.

The series featured heartwarming human interest stories, entertaining competition strands and informative reports. From animals who have displayed incredible acts of heroism, to those with awe inspiring talents, to celebrity pets, The Pet Show will offer insights, anecdotes and advice from the nation’s top animal experts.

The series saw Dermot and Joanna joined by a presenting team that includes wildlife film maker Patrick Aryee. Every week, Dermot and the team were joined by a special guest celebrity and their treasured pet dog, as they reflect on their unique relationship.

At the end of the show, the celebrity and their pet then participated in a ‘Best in Show’ competition, an agility course that puts their beloved pet’s skills and charm to the test and will hopefully earn them the top spot on the celeb pooch leaderboard.

The Pet Show is available now on ITVX.


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