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The new French crime drama coming soon to BBC Four and iPlayer. Watch the trailer below:

Paris Police 1900 is an 8 x 60 series, centering on the Parisian police headquarters at the turn of the 20th century, which retraces the birth of forensics through an investigation inspired by an actual crime that shook society at the time.

It’s 1899 and the French president Félix Faure has just died. Crippled by the far right, anti-Semitic groups and rising anarchy, France has never appeared so weak.

Sue Deeks, Head of Programme Acquisition, BBC, said: “Paris Police 1900 is a stunningly cinematic look at the darkness beneath the glamour of La Belle Epoque. Historical figures and true events provide a fascinating backdrop to an intriguing murder mystery which will keep viewers gripped to the very end.”

Beatriz Campos, SVP Global Sales and Production Financing STUDIOCANAL, added, “This immersive series has found its ideal UK home on BBC Four. It’s deep and intense with bursts of ironic humour set against the dark backdrop of turn of the century Paris. A unique blend of period drama with an anti-nostalgia cautionary tale, it underlines how things really weren’t better in the old days, particularly for women, and how democracy really cannot not be taken for granted.”

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