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BBC One announce two specials of the comedy series.

Episode 1 - Mammy Of The People

It’s Christmas once again in the Brown household and Agnes (Brendan O’Carroll) and her family are trying to get used to “the new normal”. Luckily, things haven’t changed that much. Mrs Brown has a new tree, Grandad (Dermot O’Neill) has a new complaint and Buster (Danny O’Carroll) and Dermot (Paddy Houlihan) have new jobs, helping to raise awareness of the coronavirus. There’s much to distract them too, as Winnie (Eilish O’Carroll) and Agnes have entered a competition in the Radio Times to perform an alternative Queen’s speech and are waiting to hear if they’ve won. Plus they’ve been told to look out for a flasher called the Knickie Knackie Dickie who’s been terrorising households around Finglas. Meanwhile, Father Damien (Conor Moloney) is worried he’s not getting his Christmas message across and has come to Agnes for some advice.

Episode 2 - Mammy’s Memories (w/t)

More hilarity and hi-jinx from Agnes (Brendan O’Carroll) and her family as they cope with life after lockdown. Winnie (Eilish O’Carroll) hasn’t been sleeping well and is determined to tell Agnes about her dreams. Agnes has other things on her mind as Cathy (Jennifer Gibney) has a significant birthday coming up and isn’t happy about it. But priorities are soon put in focus when Winnie’s house is burgled, and Agnes gets the Gardai round so Winnie can give a statement. When Buster (Danny O’Carroll) and Dermot (Paddy Houlihan) hear Winnie’s mother’s much loved wedding ring has been stolen, they go in search of the perpetrator. All they need is a proper description from Winnie. Easier said than done…


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