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With firms up and down the country offering big salaries and incentives, trucking can be a lucrative career and 26 year -old Shannan is on a mission to get them on the road and help ease the driver shortage with her HGV training centre in Willenhall.

Mother Trucker from Acclaimed Content gets a front seat view of her driving school as the film follows the young learners trying to get their HGV licence.

Shannan is the daughter of a truck driver, savvy and shrewd and trucking runs in her blood. Juggling the business with helping to raise her younger sister, she is also trying to get a HGV licence herself with help from veteran instructor and Dad, Trevor.

Trucking is a very skilled job, not easy work and the training is intense. With in-cab cameras fixed and access behind the scenes at the training centre, the film will explore how and why people are drawn to the industry and follow the family and friends behind this one particular school.

Fiona Campbell, Controller BBC Three, says: “Regional representation that reflects the reality of young lives across the UK is a key priority for BBC Three and these titles fully deliver on that. This scheme was initially for two single documentaries but the quality of ideas was so high we decided to commission three titles and made one a series.”

Aisling O’Connor, Head of Commissioning for BBC England, says: “BBC England TV Commissioning is committed to working closely with BBC Three to represent the lives of young people in England. We are also keen to support the indie sector in the West Midlands as part of the BBC’s plans for the region. We were so impressed with the ideas and proposals that came through as a result of this scheme and we look forward to bringing these great stories to the audience.’


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