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As night falls on the Villa, it's the beginning of the end for Liberty and Mitch as they finally agree to cut ties.

Liberty says: “Obviously, I did like you. This whole situation has hurt, I tried to set my boundaries and I feel like I wasn’t being heard. So, I think I’ve got to do the best thing now and focus on me as well.”

Mitch replies: “I’ll be honest Lib, nothing would make me happier than a guy to walk through this door and pull you straight away because I’m never going to be jealous. All I want is for you to be happy.”

Now seemingly free to explore other connections, what’s in store for Mitch as he turns his attention to Georgia H?


Keen to progress further with Georgia H, Mitch makes an attempt to make the situation as unmessy as possible.

Mitch says: “Georgia, I want to get to know you and Liberty deserves to know that.”

Georgia H says: “Since we’ve been in here, we’ve both been trying to get to know people but you can’t keep hitting the same nail on the head and expecting a different outcome multiple times. I do think me and you have a good shot at being compatible.”

After her conversation with Mitch, Georgia H grapples with how to move forward with Mitch whilst taking Liberty’s feelings into consideration.

Georgia H shares her concerns with Georgia S and says: “It’s not going well G…I just feel like me and you are the biggest bitches in the Villa.”

Georgia S suggests Georgia H puts herself first and reassures her that her intentions towards Mitch are perfectly acceptable whilst confiding in her about her moment on the terrace with Tom.

A stunned Georgia H says: “How did you get away with that one? You're a smooth criminal, you know that.”


It’s a new day in the Villa and not long before the arrival of a text reaches the Islanders.

The message reads: “Islanders, it’s time to dish up the truth in today's All Star challenge, snog, marry, pie. #StarryPied #WedlockOrWhipped

Each Islander must choose one Islander to snog, one Islander to marry and one to pie. 

Despite an amicable departure from Liberty, tensions rise between the former flames as Mitch serves her a pie and says: “I’ve pied this girl because over the last week I’ve had nothing but stress.”

With his trusty breath spray to hand, Anton is up next as he shows Georgia H what she is missing as they share a steamy snog.

Luck isn’t on his side as Anton accidentally falls into the pool as the Islanders collectively burst into laughter.

Georgia H says: “I must be that good.”

Later in the challenge all eyes are on the girls as they get their own back on the boys. 

Georgia S has a big decision to make as she picks which boy she would marry, Georgia says: "I'm gonna marry Tom because I think he’s lovely, his morals are really in order and I think you’d make a lovely husband.”

Josh is quick to notice something and says: “I like how you said you were gonna not wanna marry this man…”

Molly lets Ex boyfriend Callum know exactly how she feels as she says: “I chose to pie this boy because it’s been brewing for a while, it’s very deserved and you’re right, we are exes for a reason.”

Mitch proves to be popular on the pie front as he is chosen four times by the girls.

Tensions rise, as Josh says: “I don’t agree how you’ve all just gone for Mitch.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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