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According to reports, BBC Three have commissioned a new dating series, which will see couples who think they have found 'The One' via dating apps during the pandemic hook up for the first time.

A source told The Sun: "Online dating has soared in the past year during lockdown. With the world slowly opening up, these internet lovers can no longer hide behind their screens and will have to meet their match in the flesh...

"This BBC show gives these couples everything they could possibly need for the perfect start — a Love Island backdrop, stunning weather, good food and ultimately the date of a lifetime. But will the person live up to expectations? And will the chemistry be real?..

"While they have already match-made themselves, nothing compares to meeting someone in the flesh. Viewers will be able to follow these couples as they discover if they really have met The One, or whether it’s been a waste of time and they’re not who they were cracked up to be."

More information will be revealed in due course.

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