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On Thursday (2nd November) this week, Sarah, Duchess of York will make her debut on the multi-award winning Loose Women panel, joining forces to launch a landmark breast cancer campaign.

Sarah, Duchess of York will exclusively join Christine Lampard, Coleen Nolan and Brenda Edwards, and open up for the first time on television since revealing that earlier this year, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and undergone a life-changing mastectomy.

During the special episode this week, Loose Women will launch its inaugural ‘Don’t Skip Your Screening’ campaign to highlight the importance of being screened and tackle the 1.2 million mammogram appointments that are missed in England alone*.

Backed by NHS England, Loose Women will encourage women to put their health at the top of their to-do list and book the potentially life-saving appointment, when invited**.

Ahead of the show, Sarah, Duchess of York said: “I almost missed the screening appointment that saved my life. I couldn’t face a journey into London on a hot day this summer and it was only my sister Jane’s insistence that I went, that persuaded me.

“My cancer was completely symptom-free - I never found a lump and did not feel ill. My experience underlines the vital importance of getting screened when you’re called in. It’s a matter of grave concern that 1.2 million mammogram appointments have been missed, according to the latest figures, many of them during the pandemic.

“I am proud to be supporting the campaign by Loose Women, backed by NHS England, to persuade women to catch up on missed appointments and to turn up when they are called in. Don't skip your screening - it could save your life as it did mine."

Welcoming Loose Women’s ‘Don’t Skip Your Screening’ campaign, leading research and support charity Breast Cancer Now, said: “We’re extremely grateful to Loose Women for shining a bright spotlight on breast screening as part of their ‘Don’t Skip Your Screening’ campaign and highlighting the important issue of tackling the shortfall in women having breast screening caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Breast screening is a vital tool in helping to detect breast cancer at the earliest possible stage, when treatment is more likely to be successful. We encourage all women to attend breast screening appointments when invited and to regularly check their breasts, reporting any unusual changes to their GP as soon as possible.”***

Join Sarah, Duchess of York on the Loose Women panel on Thursday 2nd November from 12:30pm on ITV1 & ITVX.


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