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It’s a new day in the Love Island Villa and set to be a good one for two Islanders in particular.

As the Islanders wake up, Abi receives a text, it reads: “Abi, It’s time for you and Mitchel to head out on your first date #VitaminSea #MakingWaves

Mitch certainly has a spring in his step after receiving the text as he says: “First proper date with a girl I actually like.”

Heading out of the Villa, Abi and Mitch make their way to a secluded beach as paddle boards await them for a fun filled date.

Abi is a natural but Mitch struggles to stay afloat although luck is on his side as he manages to lean over Abi’s board as they share a romantic kiss...

It seems the date has gone well as Mitch catches up with the boys after. When Zach asks Mitch what his next steps are with Abi, Mitch responds “Marriage!”


Popcorn at the ready, Movie Night makes a dramatic return as the Islanders Casa Amor antics come to light on the big screen.

As the Islanders unwind in the garden they receive a text which reads:“Islanders, It’s time to get your glam game strong and hit the red carpet as tonight is Movie Night #FrontRowSeats #SweetOrSalty

In a boys vs girls quiz, each team answers a question by text with the team closest to the correct answer selecting the movie of their choice.

As the lights go down, Whitney says: “This is my kind of night, roll the tapes, roll the tapes…”

Film titles airing this evening include, The Lying, The Mitch and The Wardrobe, Sin-Der-Ella and The Full Montel.

As drama ensues and the Islanders reflect on the evening, Whitney says: “Well Movie Night was Movie Nighting!”

It seems that Tyrique's encouragement of the boys’ actions during Casa has got the girls talking as they catch up around the fire pit, Whitney says: “It’s giving sheep.”

Movie Night may have caused a rift between two Islanders, as they argue it out and revelations leave another pair on the rocks.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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