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Five brand new arrivals are about to make a big impact on the Islanders… but it’s not bombshells, it’s babies. The Islanders are awoken to the sound of the babies crying in the Villa and there’s a mix of reactions as they head downstairs to meet their babies.

Sanam says: “Let’s go see our child!” While Lana says: “Help? Someone?” After getting them dressed, the couples deliberate on what to name their babies.

Kai and Sanam name their baby boy Bruno. But what’s Kai’s inspiration behind the name? Shaq and Tanya call their girl Shanya as Shaq says: “She’s just the most beautiful bundle of joy in the world.”

Jessie and Will pick a sentimental name in Rufus as Will explains: “It's Rufus Lamby Wynter-Young. Rufus comes from a pet sheep I had on the farm.” What will the other Islanders name their babies and what’s the inspiration behind the monikers? Meanwhile, Tom and Samie laugh about not being confident on how to wind a baby. And when Shaq and Tanya change their baby, Tanya jokes: “Are you sure you’re the dad?” Will Shaq see the funny side?


Later, Ron receives a text inviting the boys for a day out. But all’s not as it seems, when they then learn they aren’t escaping the babies, but are in fact taking them out for the day.

The girls all celebrate having a girls’ day in the Villa as the boys venture out to a jungle gym-style play park. While playing with their babies on the slides and merry-go-round, the boys discuss fatherhood as Shaq asks Kai: ‘What type of dad do you think you will be?”

Kai says: “I’m the most laid back chilled individual going, Bruno will have a field day with me, Sanam will be the strict one.” Talk soon turns to the future as Shaq asks Kai: “Can you see yourself and Sanam having kids one day maybe?”

Kai replies: “If things keep going how they are then without a doubt I could see us having kids. Bruno is lucky to have a mum like her; she's beautiful, intelligent, caring.”

Meanwhile Will sings a nursery rhyme to baby Rufus and as the boys’ day out draws to an end they reflect on how they’ve adapted to being parents. Ron asks Shaq: “Do you want to be a parent?”

Shaq answers: “Yeah, me and Tanya have spoken about it in the future, she wants two I want three.” Meanwhile, Tom says he wants kids “100%”. Will the girls be having similar conversations back at the Villa?


In the evening, the Islanders enjoy a baby disco complete with party hats, bubbles and party food with the couples enjoying a game of limbo and musical chairs. Which couple will win the games?

And later that evening the Islanders find out which couple were the best parents overall in today’s challenge. Who has come out top of the class?

With baby Shanya asleep, Shaq and Tanya have some much needed one-on-one time. Shaq is keen to clear the air after the joke she made earlier. Will they be able to put the comment behind them?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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