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Having received the fewest votes Olivia and Maxwell have been dumped from the Island but in a shock twist of fate Maya reveals they must now decide which other Islanders they want to leave alongside them.

Olivia and Maxwell must pick one girl and one boy from the three remaining vulnerable couples therefore leaving Tanya, Shaq, Claudia, Keanan, Casey and Rosie all at risk.

Maya explains: “You must now choose one girl and one boy from the remaining vulnerable couples to be dumped from the Island tonight. Please go and take a seat to discuss your reasons and to make a decision.”

As they deliberate, Olivia says: “This is stressful, there’s so many options.” Having finally come to an agreement they head back over to break the news to their fellow Islanders.

Olivia says: “This has been a really difficult decision for both of us. Do you keep a couple in that could potentially rebuild a flame? Do you keep a boy and a girl that haven't had enough time here? It’s been very difficult to make this decision, there’s so many options we could have gone for.” Which boy and girl will be leaving with Olivia and Maxwell?


It’s a new day in the Villa and having decided to make their relationship exclusive at the Beach Club last night, Kai makes Sanam breakfast in the garden. As he serves it up Sanam says: “This is so cute, thank you.”

Kai replies: “You’ve got to tell me that you love me.” Sanam laughs as she tells him: “That’s not coming out of my mouth anytime soon.” Kai questions: “Why?” Sanam says: “You want the L word?”

Kai responds: “Yeah, go on.” Sanam goes on to say: “I really, really, like you.” As the conversation continues Sanam explains: “That word is a big word, I feel like I can't say it first unless I know that they have the same feelings.”

Talk soon turns to them being exclusive as Kai tells Sanam: “It is still early but I know we are on the right path like I said yesterday and I know everything is going to be amazing between us. I’m buzzing to experience everything with you for the rest of our journey here and on the outside.” Now exclusive, what will be the next step for Kai and Sanam?


As the Islanders relax in the garden they receive a text, the message reads: “Islanders, Limber up and get your sweatbands on, as today the Villa will go head to head in sports day! #EggAndSpooning #LetTheGamesBegin.”

Which Islanders will reveal their competitive streak and which team will come out on top? Kai is confident as he says: “I’m a PE teacher, it’s something I do all the time.” Jessie and Will are both appointed captains, which Islanders will they pick for their teams? The red team is captained by Will whilst the blue team is captained by Jessie.

Both teams will compete in four rounds, first up is the space hopper relay, which team will be quickest to bounce across the finish line? Round two is the egg and spoon race but the blue team think one of their opponents is cheating, which Islander might be breaking the rules in a bid to win?

The next round is the water balloon race, without using their hands each team must pass the water balloons between them and into the bucket at the end of the course. The blue team has a tactic as one of the girls says: “The strategy was to get the balloon and put it in Jessie’s boobs.” Will this strategy score them the win?

Sports day’s fourth and final round is the inflatable surfboard race, in this challenge the Islanders must each lay on an inflatable and paddle across the length of the swimming pool to see which team are the strongest swimmers. Who will take home the crown? Jessie for the blue team or Will for the red?


As evening falls the Islanders head out into the garden and fresh from the challenge some of the boys decide to play a joke on Tom about his sporting abilities. Elsewhere in the garden, Tom says: “I love them to bits but they were winding me up.”

As the boys plan to continue pranking Tom, one of them says: “Eventually, after a while we are all going to give him a big hug and tell him we’re only playing.” As the joke gets underway it seems to backfire as Tom fails to see the funny side and says: “Why are you on me all the time, it’s done, it was funny the first time, just leave it.”

Has the joke been taken too far as things suddenly get a little awkward around the day beds?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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