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Sunbathing together, newly coupled Rosie and Casey get to know each other more. Rosie asks him: “How was your workout this morning?” Casey replies: “Yeah it was good, were you watching?”

Rosie laughs as she says: “No.” Casey quips back: “Then how did you know I was working out then?” The pair then move to share a sunbed together, as other couples join them sunbathing.

Shortly after, Claudia walks past them to Lana and Sanam. Sanam asks: “Are you alright?”

Claudia replies: “She’s got in there hasn’t she? Straight away. Why has she gone and sat with him laid like that? I just think it’s so disrespectful. That to me is disrespectful, watching it right in front of my eyes, literally couldn’t be in a worse spot right now could we.”


Their sunbathing is interrupted by a text, inviting the Islanders to take part in a familiar challenge - Snog, Marry, Pie! Casey reads out the message, which says: “Islanders, It’s time to whip up the truth in today’s challenge, “Snog, Marry, Pie!’ #EyesOnThePies #PutARingOnIt.”

Each Islander must choose one Islander to snog, one Islander to marry and one to pie. Will is up first and the Islanders all laugh at his decision to pie Lana as he jokingly says: “I’ve decided to pie this girl because apparently there was ‘no spark’ in week one.” Will marries Jessie and snogs Claudia telling her she’s “beautiful”.

Elsewhere, Tom choses to pie new bombshell Rosie as he says: “I’ve decided to pie Rosie because Claudia is my girl and us northerners stick together.” But who does he snog and who does he marry?

And are real wedding bells on the horizon for one couple as one of the boys says: “I’ve decided to marry this girl because I’m absolutely in love with her and I’m just practising for when I do it in real life.”

Later in the challenge all eyes are on Casey as he makes his choices. Claudia says: “If he marries me I’m going to throw it in his face!” But does he choose to marry or snog Rosie or Claudia?

After snogging Keanan and thanking him for their date, Jessie chooses to marry Will as she says: “I really do see a future with you, I love you.” When it’s Rosie’s turn, Claudia watches on as she makes her choices. Will she go for Casey or switch it up?

And Claudia is the last of the girls to pick. Is Casey going to get a nice or pie-filled surprise?


With Casey getting to know both Claudia and Rosie he asks to pull Claudia for a chat later that evening and says: “Do you want to go for a chat, you look stunning by the way.”

Claudia replies: “Thank you, you look good tonight.” As they catch up, Casey says: “It’s taken two or three days to make a decision.” How has the challenge impacted Casey’s feelings and what does it mean for Claudia and Rosie?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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