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The four remaining couples excitedly wake up to enjoy their last day in the Love Island Villa as the series’ finalists.

Learning they are about to get a dance lesson the Islanders receive a text, which reads: “Islanders, tonight you will all attend the Love Island ball, but first it’s time to limber up those hips and brush up on your dance moves #TheLastDance #FinalFourOnTheDanceFloor.”

As the couples head outside, they are joined by professional dancers who dazzle them with a routine before teaching the Islanders their moves. Tom say’s of him and Samie: “We’re magicians on the dancefloor.”

Tanya jokes to Shaq: “You were stepping on me!” Meanwhile Sanam confidently tells Kai: “Look how professional I am!” Lana tells Ron: “We’re better at this than I thought we would be, we’re going to nail it tonight, hopefully!”


Later, Tanya receives a text inviting the girls out for a luxurious last day in the spa. The text reads: “Girls, it’s time to pamper and indulge. Please get ready to leave the Villa. #It’sAGoodDayForASpaDay #GirlsGetGlam.”

As the girls relax they reflect on their relationships both with the boys as well as each other, as Samie raises a toast to: “Friendships that will last a lifetime.” After their pampering the girls make a start on drafting the declarations of love they will each read out to their partner later that evening.

Tanya says: “I know this is going to be easy for Shaq.” Sanam also says: “I think this is going to be so easy for Kai, he’s a school teacher, he’s going to know how to write.”

As Lana begins she says she’s writing “Chapter one of a long book” while Samie wonders what to put down to describe how she feels.


Back at the Villa, the boys are also putting pen to paper as they prepare declarations of love they will read out this evening. Ron contemplates what he wants to say to Lana as he tells the boys: “I want to say something that I haven't said previously.”

Shaq says: “If you guys need any help, A* in English Literature, A in English Language, just saying.”

Once the boys have worked out exactly what it is they want to say to the girls, they get all dressed up in smart black suits and head outside as the Villa is romantically decorated for the night’s celebrations.

As the boys eagerly anticipate the arrival of the girls standing across the pool, Shaq says: “Deep breaths boys.” In awe of the girls' entrances as they arrive back in the Villa, Tom then raises a toast as he says to his fellow finalists: “So guys, we’ve had an amazing run, an amazing journey, we are all here in the final. I love you guys to bits!”


It’s now time for the couples to deliver their declarations of love and first up is Kai and Sanam.

Sanam tells Kai: “You charmed me with your smile and melted me with your warm brown eyes. I was hooked by your intelligence, values, kindness and you always manage to make me laugh.You’ve made me realise my worth and I can’t wait for us to one day be official.”

Kai says to Sanam: “My time here has been a dream since I met you. Sanam, you’re one of a kind and I’m so happy to have you in my life because I adore you and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.”

Next to tell the Villa how they feel about one another is Samie and Tom. Samie says: “You wrote a poem for me and now it’s my turn.” How will her poem compare? And Tom’s got something big he wants to share with Samie as part of his declaration, but what is it?

When it’s Lana and Ron’s turn to share their declarations, Lana says: “Ron, when I walked through the Villa doors and saw your cheeky smile, I knew it was you and only you. There has been something missing in my life and that’s you.”

Ron tells Lana: “You’re an angel that never puts a foot wrong and you tick every single box. When I look at you, I feel whole, like my life is complete.”

Shaq and Tanya are the fourth and final couple to make their declarations with Tanya telling Shaq: “I love the way you care so much, your cuddles that make me feel safe, your infectious smile that brightens up my day and most of all your heart of gold.”

Shaq replies by letting her know that: “I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us because no doubt it’s a bright future ahead. I guess what I’m trying to say is, Tan, I love you.”

Having made their declarations, the Islanders put their earlier lesson into action as they dance the night away. Find out which couple will be crowned the Love Island winners in tonight’s grand live series final…

Love Island: The Final airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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