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In the morning, Kai catches up with Ron in the garden and discusses his plan to get to know Olivia better.

Kai tells Ron, “No time like the present”, as he calls her over. On the beanbags, Kai puts his talk into action as he tells Olivia: “For the past week I have been thinking I do want to get to know you more.”

Olivia agrees as she says: “Yeah me too.” As Kai and Olivia catch up she says: “Not to blow your head up but you are more my type. But I think that’s obvious because I picked you on the first day.”

Kai replies: “You’ll have to graft me a little bit though won’t you?” Olivia laughs as she tells him: “Oh, shut up.” Is a new connection blossoming? And where does this leave their respective couples?


As Lana and Tanyel return back to the Villa after their dates with Casey and Jordan, it’s time for some of the other girls to get to know the new bombshells. Casey has chosen to date Olivia, while Jordan’s next pick is Samie.

As the girls help each other get ready, Lana gives them a heads up on how her date went with Casey as she says: “Casey is really nice, you will really get on with him, he’s funny, really good chat, really nice boy, I think he’s got good morals.”

Tanyel adds: “You lot are going to have such a nice date, honestly, Jordan was so easy to get on with.” What will Samie and Olivia make of the new bombshells? After the date Samie heads back to the Villa while Olivia swaps over for a final date with Jordan. Samie tells Jessie that Casey is waiting for her at the vineyard.

As Jessie gets ready, Will says to the boys: “If there is a connection, all I want is her to be happy and if another boy makes her happier than I do… it’s not the best feeling is it?” Will Jessie entertain the idea of a new connection or will she remain loyal to Will?


As Casey enjoys his first night in the Villa and makes a toast to “kissing lots of girls” he pulls Lana for a chat following their date. As they sit down together and accidentally touch hands, Lana jests: “Oh sorry, touching your hand already.”

Lana asks: “How was your date?” Casey replies: “Yeah it was good.” Lana questions: “Not as good as mine..?” Casey asks Lana: “When me and Jordan first came in, were you more attracted to me or were you like, they’re both fit?”

Lana replies: “I thought you were both very attractive but I was more attracted to you… I feel like we’ve got an instant connection.” Casey agrees: “Yeah, 100% I completely agree, I feel exactly the same way.”

Lana tells Casey: “I’m glad you’re here, I think you were what I needed.” What will Ron have to say about Lana getting to know Casey?


The next morning it seems a battle has begun over breakfast. Casey heads over to Lana and asks: “How’s it going? Do you want some scrambled eggs? Have you had breakfast? I can make you something.”

However, it seems that Ron is already cooking something up in the kitchen. From across the Villa Ron cheekily says: “You’re too late mate, it’s all well and good but you’re too late, if you’re going to get on job you’ve got to be quick with it.”

As Casey heads towards the kitchen, Ron laughs as he asks Casey: “Is that it now, is it going to be the race for Lana’s breakfast?”


The Islanders receive a text inviting them to all take part in today’s challenge, it reads: “Islanders, it’s time to pucker up and lock lips in today’s challenge The Kissing Competition #Mouth2Mouth #TheseLipsDontLie

As the boys line up by the pool they each wear an eye mask and ear defenders as the girls take it in turns to make their way down the line kissing each boy as they go.

After they’ve locked lips the boys then mark the mystery kisser out of 10. The girls look on as their fellow ladies get kissing. Watching Samie, Tanya says: “She’s got technique.” Ellie adds: “Very slow and sexual.”

After kissing Olivia, Jordan says: “Nice soft lips, had me wanting a bit more to be fair.” As Casey also scores Olivia he says: “She’s definitely got experience kissing, I loved the little teaser on the neck as well, 9 out of 10.”

Meanwhile, one of the boys isn’t impressed by a kiss as he admits: “It’s probably one of the stiffest kisses I’ve ever had to be fair, sadly I will be rating that a 2.5…” Elsewhere, who is scoring a whopping 9.9 out of 10?

Will jealousy kick in as the scores are revealed? And which girl will top the leaderboard? Later, which kisses will be the hot topic of conversation? And who is Jessie talking about when she says of one of the snogs she witnessed: “There's more there…”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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