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Host Adil Ray OBE will return to preside over 60 x 60’ episodes of the fast-paced word play game.

In its first full week on air, Lingo averaged 1.9 million viewers and a 20.8% share, making it the best launch of a game show in the 3pm time slot since 2002.

Lingo sees three teams of two contestants compete against each other to fill in the blanks and find words. Over a series of rounds the prize money gets bigger, but so does the risk - fail to find the right word and your opponent gets the chance to jump in and take the money. In the nail-biting End Game, the last pair standing can double their prize fund, but if they can’t find the words, they could go home with nothing.

Adil Ray said: "It has been a r_ _ l pleasure to b_ _ _ g so much joy, shouting at the t_ _ _y and h_ _ eschooling, to so many millions. Thank you to everyone for watching and to all the L_ _ _o crew for being brilliant."

OMG Entertainment’s Ben Shephard and Ed de Burgh added: “We’re over the moon that viewers are enjoying the show, there’s a lot of Lingo love out there! We can’t wait to start making more. The question is do you know your Lingo?!”

ITV Commissioning Editor, Lara Akeju said: "I'm delighted to be bringing viewers more opportunities to play along with this hugely compelling show."

Applications for the second series are now open, if you wish to apply for want more details, click here.


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