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The last episode of the critically acclaimed series, The Last of Us, has received the biggest audience ever for a first-series US drama finale on Sky. Captivating viewers, the concluding episode has reached over 3.1 million UK viewers to date reflected in the 7-day cumulative audience figure.

Viewers of The Last of Us were hooked, with typically a third of fans watching the show within the first 24 hours of episodes airing on Sky.

The official Sky Atlantic overnight ratings reported 1.2 million viewers – this exceeded the viewership of the Love Island Finale which aired on the same night. With its growing success, the 3.1 million 7-day cumulative figure has also surpassed the audience for the finale of House of the Dragon.

The Last of Us has gripped the nation with thousands of fans wanting to know more about the potential implication of Cordyceps – a real world fungi – developing a fungal pandemic. The topic has sparked over 11,000 news articles since the first episode aired and 27,000 views of The Last of Us Wiki page over the last 28 days.

Zai Bennett MD of Content at Sky said: “I’m blown away by the overwhelming response we have had to The Last Of Us. The Sky Atlantic series really has broken new ground with its storytelling and you can really see the impact the show has had with its contribution to a national conversation. It has inspired, challenged, and captivated fans and critics alike.”

The Last Of Us is available to stream on Sky and NOW.


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