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The Jeremy Vine Show, including the morning shows hosted by Storm Huntley and Alexis Conran, plus 5 News will no longer be available to watch on-demand via My5.

Jeremy Vine, Channel 5’s morning news and current affairs programme, is home to the nation’s liveliest conversation from 9.15am-11.15am each day. Exploring key themes, great moments and reacting to breaking news on the morning, the programme also hears directly from the public, enabling them to have their voice heard.

A Channel 5 spokesperson said (via The Sun): "From the beginning of May 2023 onwards, The Jeremy Vine show (including Storm Huntley and Alexis Conran) will no longer be available on My5, Sky and Virgin Media via catch-up...

They continued: "The Jeremy Vine Show thrives in a live setting as the topicality, general news, views and opinions of the day are best enjoyed, debated and shared across social media platforms in the moment. Viewers will still be able to watch the show on My5 live through simulcast."

Running for ten weeks, and launching on Monday 15th May, Storm Huntley will host her own show from 11:15am until 12:15pm. Storm carries on the discussion and takes your calls to discuss the biggest stories of the day. Presently known as Jeremy Vine Extra, the slot will be rebranded to 'Storm Huntley' in the schedules.

At 12:15pm, Alexis Conran is in the hot seat until 1:40pm. In his show, Alexis hears from you, talking about the important stories and getting your opinions and views on them.

Across 2022, Jeremy Vine and Jeremy Vine Extra reached 13.3m viewers with the show holding a strong share of individuals with kids (6.5% during 2022). In 2022, 5 News at 17:00 reached 19.2m people in the UK, up from 15.5m in 2021, partially aided by the increase from a 30 minute to 1 hour time slot in November 2021.

Jeremy Vine airs from 9:15am weekdays on Channel 5.


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