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Channel 4 have commissioned The Joe Lycett Live Show, a new five-part entertainment to be broadcast on Friday nights from the heart of Birmingham and presented by comedian Joe Lycett.

Lycett, who fronts other Channel 4 shows such as Travel Man and Got Your Back, will be joined every week by big-name celebrities and local legends, LGBTQ+ heroes and allies. Together they will reflect on the week by combining mischief and mayhem with Joe's singular style of comedy.

The live show, which is coming to Channel 4 this Spring, will broadcast live from the banks of Birmingham's canals. The commission follows the success of Joe Lycett's Big Pride Party last year on Channel 4, which was also broadcast from the city.

Joe Lycett said: "I'm absolutely psyched and naturally very nervous about hosting a weekly live show from Birmingham, but it has been a dream of mine for many years and I look forward to some (controlled) late night chaos."

Rumpus Media's Emily Hudd commented: "We are so excited that Joe is hosting this series from the centre of his universe - Birmingham - creating a truly inclusive show to which everyone is invited. It's a weekly celebration uniquely curated by Joe that harnesses both his mischief but also his warmth - it will be funny, silly and explicitly Joe Lycett."

A source added to The Sun: "Channel 4 bosses were impressed with his Big Pride Party which aired last year and earned him a National Comedy Award nomination. This feels like a continuation of that vibe and has more than a bit of a whiff of TFI Friday about it. The difference here is that there’ll be more of a focus on ‘inclusion’ and as well as famous faces, Joe will welcome a few local heroes as well."

The Joe Lycett Live Show (5x60') will air on Channel 4 this Spring, and is produced by Rumpus Media and My Options Were Limited.

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