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ITV have revealed its programming highlights for March 2024.

7th March

ITVX Kids: Blippi Wonders 

Check out Blippi's animated adventure, Blippi Wonders! Along with his CatBot TABBS and DogBot D.BO, Blippi sets off on new adventures that answer his biggest questions as he meets new friends along the way. Will you come with him? Let’s go!

10th March 

Exclusive: 96th Academy Awards 

ITV will be unrolling the red carpet to homes across the UK as the exclusive partner for the 96th Oscars®, which will take place on Sunday, March 10, 2024. The ceremony will broadcast and stream live from the Dolby® Theatre at Ovation Hollywood into living rooms across the UK through ITV1 and ITVX.

14th March

The Dry Series 2 

Award-winning playwright and BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Nancy Harris (Dates) and acclaimed director Paddy Breathnach (Viva, Rosie) return to helm the second season of this acclaimed comedy drama. 

ITVX Kids: Pocoyo Series 2

Meet Pocoyo, the unforgettable little boy with a very big personality! Your child will learn through laughter with Pocoyo and all his friends Elly, Pato, Loula, and Sleepy Bird.

Bob the Builder (new episodes) 

Bob the Builder and his machine team are ready to tackle any project from small fix it jobs to big scale builds in exciting and dynamic locations. 

21st March 

ITVX Kids: Masha and the Bear Series 1

Masha is a mischievous four-year-old girl who lives in the forest with her pig, goat, and dog. She loves exploring the world around her., but all the animals in the forest are afraid of her, as she is constantly forcing them to play with her. Until she meets Bear…

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud (new episodes) 

The misadventures of underdog Dave Spud and his family. They embark on some extraordinary expeditions along with the likes of Gareth the Starfish and one eyed flea ridden Fuzzypeg the dog. 

28th March 

ITVX Kids: Deep in the Bowl (new episodes)

Deep in the Bowl is a sketch show like no other, over the course of punchy five-minute episodes we take a look at the lives fish lead when humans aren’t looking.

Goldfish family, kung-fu master, rappers crew, pet shop inmates or misfit students… they’re all trying to fit into the aquarium. And somewhere, maybe even in YOUR house, they’re casting a fishbowl reflection on our own lives.

Coop Troop (new episodes)

Coop Troop features the entertaining exploits of a gang of five unlikely heroes: hyperactive rabbit Maggie, eccentric inventor Flo the chicken, bon vivant swine Clive, excitable lamb Billy and enigmatic egg, Jo d’Oeuf. Thirsty for adventure to escape their mundane farm life, The Coop Troop’s mission is to help any animal with a problem – and they’re kept very busy by the precious, pampered pets of neighbouring town, Animauville.

BritBox UK

Highlights on BritBox UK include Marie Antoinette (2022) created by Deborah Davis which streams from 7th March, all episodes of House of Elliot (1991) starring Stella Gonet and Louise Lombard which streams from 14th March and all episodes of classic comedy sketch show The Two Ronnies, available from 28th March.  


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