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All ITV linear channels are set to be rebranded and refreshed from November.

Left: Current ITV logo, Right: ITV 1 logo, 2006-13

ITV (the linear TV channel) is to be rebranded back to ITV 1 from early November, TV Zone and Clean Feed understands. This will be part of a major refresh for all ITV channels in November ahead of the launch of ITVX.

ITV 1 became simply ITV in 2013 as part of a wider refresh aimed at unifying the channels. ITV are now returning to the '1' branding to differentiate the linear channel from ITV plc, as well as the upcoming ITVX streaming service.

The channel refresh in November will see new typefaces, altered logos, new channel idents and colouring. More details about the rebrand is expected to be revealed in due course.

ITVX will become the UK’s first integrated advertising and subscription funded (AVOD/SVOD) platform. It will allow viewers tp choose whether to watch content for free in an advertising funded tier or trade up to a subscription service which provides all that content ad-free.

In a step change to its traditional approach ITV will now adopt a digital first windowing strategy - premiering much of its new content first on ITVX and subsequently months later on ITV linear channels.

As well as being able to live stream ITV linear channels, ITVX will have an ever-changing host of exclusive themed channels, data driven to align with viewer preferences and popularity.

These constantly evolving pop-up channels will give a scheduled experience through a streaming service, with viewers able to choose where in the schedule they join. ITVX is to launch in November 2022.

Further details about the upcoming ITV rebrand can be found on the Pres Cafe forum.

TV Zone has approached ITV for comment.


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