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Actor Jason Watkins and his wife Clara Francis tell the emotional story of their daughter Maudie, who died suddenly aged just two and a half in the early hours of New Year’s Day 2011.

Image: Christian Sinibaldi/ The Guardian

Maudie died of sepsis, a condition where the body’s immune system overreacts to an infection, causing it to go into overdrive and attack the body’s tissues and organs.

Ever since the tragedy, Jason and Clara have been on a mission to raise awareness of sepsis and also to give hope to other bereaved parents. Now, as the family are about to move from the flat where Maudie was born and died, they feel the time is right to tell their story and explore their grief.

Allowing the cameras to follow their personal journey, the couple have therapy together for the first time and meet other parents who have lost their children, in a bid to break taboos around talking about child bereavement.

Jason & Clara: In Memory of Maudie airs on ITV1 and ITVX


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