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Hosted by Rick Edwards, !mpossible is the quiz with the third dimension: as well as right answers and wrong answers there are also !mpossible answers - they are not just wrong, they couldn’t possibly be right.

It's now been revealed by host Rick Edwards that the BBC are not looking to commission a ninth series. BBC One has aired eight daytime series plus two celebrity series on primetime Saturday nights.

A cast of 30 returning players compete for the chance to win £10,000. Every right answer takes them a step closer to a shot at that jackpot - but a single !mpossible answer will knock them out for the day. They’ll have to try again tomorrow.

The winner claims a daily prize of up to £1,500, and faces one final question. There are three correct answers - and if they can find them all, they will trigger a dramatic cascade of 10,000 pound coins.

But if any of their answers are !mpossible, they lose the daily prize and win nothing.

Posting on Twitter, host Rick Edwards said: "In their infinite wisdom, the BBC don't want us to make any more series of Impossible. Which is a shame. But, they are repeating series 8 from next Monday."

TV Zone approached the BBC for comment. Previous episodes of Impossible are available to view on BBC iPlayer.


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