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I Can See Your Voice will see two players aiming to win a cash prize by guessing who can and can’t sing from a group of mystery singers standing before them. But there’s a catch… can they predict who has the voice of an angel or who will leave them covering their ears in horror all without ever hearing them sing a note?

With £10,000 on the line, the players will attempt to weed out the bad singers, based on a series of clues, interrogation, and lip sync performances. In the end, the last mystery singer standing will reveal if they are a good or a bad singer in a duet with a weekly Guest Music Star resulting in either a magical musical moment or a comedy collaboration!

I Can See Your Voice begins Saturday 10th April at 7:20pm on BBC One.


Can you explain the format of I Can See Your Voice?

The format of I Can See Your Voice kind of goes against everything that we’ve been taught as human beings, as essentially we’re looking at a group of six people and judging them completely on how they look. We’re looking at them and deciding, just from how we perceive them, whether we think they can sing or not. As the show goes on and on, we might get a couple of clues, a couple of nuggets of truth. We get to see them lip sync, which gives all kinds of hints, but really, we have got absolutely no clue if they can sing or not.

Talk us through your role on the show.

I sing, I have been on the West End, I’ve had an album out, I feel like I have a lot of experience, I have been in the industry a long time, so I feel like I know what I am looking for. I know the right way to breathe, the right way to hold yourself, I know how to position yourself on stage, mic, technique, all the stuff that you would think would lend itself to telling you that that person is a good singer. But really, I am looking at someone and if they’ve got sparkly boots on and a nice hair style, I’m like ‘yeah they’re a singer!’ I am literally like everyone at home, except I have some lip-gloss and a lash on, not sitting on my sofa!

Who do you think has the best eye for talent?

I think out of all of us, I am the best by far!

Have you spotted any tell-tale signs that give the singers away?

There are quite a few tell tale signs. The good singers always strike a pose that is very out there, very performance led, and then the bad singers genuinely look awkward and everything’s a bit stiffer and they look terrified! There’s another thing that everyone keeps doing now, good singers and bad singers are doing it and they all touch their ear, I mean I do it too! Like, ‘how do these ear things stay in? 1,2,1,2’

What was it that made you want to do the show?

It is unlike anything I have ever seen before, it is a gameshow but with talent involved, essentially we are helping two lovely people win £10,000 each week, we really invest in those players and the reasons they have for doing the show are amazing. Whether it is being reunited with family or putting a deposit on a house, we desperately want them to win the money. As a three, plus the guest singer we have, who obviously really knows their stuff, more than us! It is showing a different side to all of us, it is really funny, there is lots of banter, and it’s just a bit of a laugh, and god knows that’s what we need on the telly at the moment.

I think the brilliant thing about this game show is that everyone at home can play along because we’re all in the same boat, I mean really, we don’t know what we are talking about. There’s a lot more people at home that do and essentially, we’re just looking at people at face value and even though that’s probably one of the worst human traits there is, we all do it, so we’re all in it together. And I think we do all judge people the same way.


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