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Based on the world’s best-selling history book series by Terry Deary and illustrated by Martin Brown (published by Scholastic), Horrible Histories has become a cornerstone of educational entertainment on the BBC.

The anniversary of the landmark series will be marked with a brand-new episode – Terrifying Tower of London – which is available on BBC iPlayer today and CBBC on Friday (19 April).

The special episode has been filmed, for the first time ever, at the UNESCO World Heritage Site and follows the adventurous pair Rattus and current Yeoman Warder AJ Clark, a ‘Beefeater’ from the Tower, as they journey through the Tower's rich history, spanning from its construction by William the Conqueror to the present day.

Along this historical expedition, they encounter famous inmates such as Sir Walter Raleigh and Anne Boleyn. William Wallace, Henry VIII, the Duke of Wellington, and Winston Churchill are also on hand.

Audiences can expect signature Horrible Histories' riotous, shocking, and gloriously gruesome escapades as they traverse through time. True to Horrible Histories' style, the episode culminates with a brand-new song performed by a band of historic Yeoman Warders, about Guarding the Tower, and Henry VIII will take audiences through his favourite executions in ‘Top of the Chops’.

With 162 episodes produced to date, Horrible Histories remains dedicated to fostering curiosity, fuelling imaginations, and cultivating a lasting passion for learning through the power of laughter. Horrible Histories' educational impact extends to the highest academic levels, evidenced by its inclusion in a Medieval History Tripos Exam at Cambridge University in 2019.

Patricia Hidalgo, Director of BBC Children’s and Education, says: “Horrible Histories is a jewel in the crown of our programming offer for children across CBBC and iPlayer. It’s a success story blending comedic genius and educational excellence with a fan base that spans generations...

"The multi-award-winning show set a precedent for children's programming when it first aired and continues to do so today. It’s a shining example of our public service remit to educate and entertain our young audiences with culturally relevant content – with tons of laughs and great songs along the way!”

Simon Welton, Executive Producer, Lion Television, adds: “This show is a real labour of love for everyone who is involved in making it (past and present), and the fact that it is still so beloved by our audience after 15 years is incredibly rewarding. Balancing both the funny and the factual in every sketch and engaging our audience with History whilst also making them (along with any adults who are in the room…) laugh as much is possible is something that we don’t take lightly, and hopefully we can continue doing that with CBBC for many years to come.”

Based on the best-selling books written by Terry Deary and illustrated by Martin Brown, Horrible Histories is made by Lion TV.


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