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The BBC, BritBox International and Red Planet Pictures have announced that the hugely successful Beyond Paradise has been recommissioned for a 2024 Christmas special episode and third series, coming to BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Beyond Paradise has become one of the UK’s most popular dramas since its debut last year, with episode one of series two being watched by 7.5 million viewers so far.

The second series, which culminated tonight, saw Humphrey and Martha very nearly tie the knot, while their fostering journey came to a heartwarming conclusion as they welcomed Ryan into their home. Esther took on a case which saw the Shipton Abbott Museum robbed of its prized possession, and Kelby and CS Charlie Wood’s professional relationship took an unexpected turn...

Across the series the Shipton Abbott police team continued to crack a host of mind-boggling and mysterious puzzles - including a death during a murder-mystery play on a steam train, a local fishing legend going missing at sea, a medium predicting an arson attack and many more - to ensure the station house remains open for the foreseeable future.

Tim Key, executive producer for Red Planet Pictures, says: “The response to series two has been fantastic. So much love goes into the making of the show and we’re delighted that the audience have enjoyed it so much...

"We can’t wait to get back to Shipton Abbott for another Christmas special and series to continue the story and learn more about our characters and the town they live in - I can promise that we’ll be making the viewers laugh, cry, laugh a bit more and then baffling them with a series of ingenious puzzles. There will also be a duck.”

Lindsay Salt, Director of BBC Drama, says: “Beyond Paradise has become such a huge hit with millions of viewers across the UK. It’s a show that is absolutely on a roll, and we’re beyond pleased to bring more fiendishly clever mysteries from the Shipton Abbott team to the BBC.”

Beyond Paradise is available to watch now on iPlayer in the UK, and on BritBox International in North America, Nordic markets and in South Africa.


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