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Good Morning Britain will turn 10 on Sunday 28th April and the show will mark its anniversary on Monday 29th April from 6am.

ITV1 and ITVX’s flagship breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, has been setting the news agenda since 2014. Each live programme brings viewers the breaking news they are waking up to, debates the UK’s most topical issues and features the biggest entertainment and human interest guests and stories.

Susanna Reid said: "I remember sitting next to the wonderful Ben Shephard, who just as the opening credits were rolling whispered 'You'll never get a second chance to enjoy this moment because this is the only moment we'll ever launch this programme, Good Morning Britain, on ITV to the nation. So enjoy every second of it.'.

"You can be quite nervous when you're presenting a new programme as there's a lot of pressure, lots of responsibility and there is obviously lots of media attention. And when he said that, I just thought ‘You're absolutely right!’ In that moment when the music's running - yes, just enjoy it! So that's such a memorable moment for me...

"The second would have to be the Queen’s funeral. She is our longest reigning monarch so to be part of the coverage which sort of held the hands of the nation throughout the death of the Queen, reporting live from Westminster Abbey. It was incredibly moving...

"And interviewing Boris Johnson at No 10 just months before he resigned. Challenging the Prime Minister live on the programme from the heart of government made headline news...

"A hugely important moment as I asked him the questions the viewers most wanted the answers to. But other than that, there's been just so many terrific interviews, and viewer interactions. Every day is different and every morning, there is something terrific on the programme, which just makes working here a joy."

Good Morning Britain’s 10th Anniversary is Sunday 28th April. GMB continues weekdays 6-9am on ITV1 and ITVX.


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