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Join chef Ainsley Harriott for a second series celebrating delicious food that really boosts your mood! There’s no two ways about it – food can make you feel amazing.

Food nourishes, it replenishes, it lifts you when you are down and keeps you smiling when you want to party.

Ainsley will be cooking in his own happy places, in his kitchen and on the beach, he’ll be showcasing some of the fabulous flavours, incredible ingredients and marvellous methods that go into meals that simply make you smile.

But that’s not all. Ainsley takes a riotous road-trip fuelled by his passion for the produce that has made him the happiest chef on Earth. And whilst Ainsley’s off on his adventures, friend and chef Joseph Dennison will also be taking to the road and meeting people up and down the country as they create their own version of happy, good-for-the soul food.

Whether it’s vegetables in Devon, chocolate in York, lavender in Hampshire or peas in Lincolnshire, Ainsley and Joseph will be looking at how the very best produce is grown, created, or made.

Inspired by the people they meet, and food they find on their adventures Ainsley will be whipping up fantastic dishes guaranteed to make you happy.

Ainsley Harriott's Good Mood Food returns this Saturday on ITV and ITV Hub.


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