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One of the most recognisable voices in top flight football, commentator Guy Mowbray will be calling all the thrilling action on Gladiators, the most iconic and exciting sports entertainment gameshow coming to BBC One and iPlayer.

Guy has been behind the mic for BBC Sport for the Africa Cup of Nations, European Championship, FA Cup and Premier League. In the summer of 2021, millions of viewers were hanging on Guy's each and every word as he called the final of the Euros.

Now Guy will be providing the voiceover commentary on all the action for the show as the brave contenders take on the mighty challenges and the even mightier Gladiators.

Guy Mowbray says: “It’s an absolute joy to be the voice of such an iconic show. The Saturday night memories will come flooding back for many, whilst it’s brilliant to think of a new generation being introduced to an all new, even more ripped group of Gladiators!..

"They are serious athletes, as are all the contenders who’ve been bold enough to take them on. The best thing for me is that the format is the same as it ever was - only better!”

Dan Baldwin says: “We are delighted to have the iconic voice of Guy Mowbray onboard. Guy calls the action like no other commentator, he is top of his game. His commentary is going to add another exhilarating layer to Gladiators”.

Gladiators (11 x 60’) is a Hungry Bear and MGM Alternative UK for BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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