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The competition returns with new episodes.

Kicking off in Birkdale, on Merseyside, at N'ista Boutique Rooms, run by Ian and Sally Lawless. Stylish mother-and-daughter duo Suzie and Dani are impressed by the set up, and Linda and her friend Lany love the gigantic showers.

But Ian and Sally's chances suffer a setback when married couple Mark and Sean discover a strange green goo in the bathroom. After a trip to a local lawnmower museum is a surprising hit, the hosts go all out to lay on a brilliant brekkie. How confident will Ian and Sally be after digesting their feedback?

For the second visit of the week, the B&Bers head to Oakleigh Guest House in Blackpool, owned by Mark and Sean Lannister. They pride themselves on their USP of value for money - something that Suzie and Dani find themselves questioning when their room is a tight squeeze.

A day out at Madame Tussauds leaves Ian waxing lyrical about Blackpool, and the praise keeps on coming after a successful breakfast. But there are still some tears when Mark and Sean receive their feedback.

Four In A Bed returns Monday 1st March at 5pm on Channel 4.

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