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First Dates | S17E3 Preview (Channel 4)

First through the restaurant doors is 23-year-old Rory, a groundworker struggling to establish the foundations for a relationship. Rory meets 24-year-old Ella, who admits she is keen to find herself a husband.

Fifty-four-year-old former financial advisor Caroline is a self-proclaimed 'man-eater' who has been on 50 dates in two years. Will high-flying salesman Mowbray be the one to make Caroline settle?

Tattoo enthusiast Adam returns to First Dates hoping to romance 30-year-old single mum Laura, who is yet to meet a man who accepts she has a child. Urologist Abi, a self-confessed 'dick doctor', may know all about the male anatomy, but realises her job can scare off some men.

The next episode will be available - to stream or download for free - on All 4, on Monday 20 September, following transmission of this one.

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