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It's Valentine's Day at the brand new First Dates restaurant in Manchester, and Fred and the staff are serving up an extra portion of love for some hopeful singletons.

Wedding planner Alexandra, the 'Bridget Jones of Northampton', is looking to be swept off her feet. Her Valentine is Tom, who also happens to work in the wedding industry. Will they both say 'I do' to a second date?

Retired politician Roger is looking for someone to travel and share adventures with. The 71-year-old meets fellow jetsetter Jean, who hasn't given up on love just yet.

Delivery driver Adam is yet to meet someone who doesn't think he's 'a bit too much'. His Valentine's catch of the day is fun-loving Charlie, who likes 'a bit of banter'. But what will she make of Adam's howlers?

West End actor and performer Joseph suffers stage fright when it comes to love. Could fellow musical theatre enthusiast Finn be the one to land the role as Joseph's first boyfriend?

First Dates continues Tuesdays at 10pm on Channel 4.


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