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First & Last, the Saturday night BBC gameshow hosted by Jason Manford, will not be returning for a second series, it's been confirmed.

Eleven contestants started each show and competed across a range of five 'downright daft, stupidly funny, play-along-at-home' games that saw one of them leave with a cash prize of up to £10,000.

The first and last players were eliminated from each round. To triumph, they needed to judge every round to perfection and hold their nerve in the nail-biting endgame - contested by the remaining three players.

Speaking on the first series commission, Jason Manford said: "I’m so excited to be presenting this brand new show, First And Last, for BBC One. As I get older I try not to be involved in any show that I 100% wouldn’t watch myself, and this to me is classic early Saturday evening telly...

"It’s fun and light-hearted with great characters and silly games. I always think when the world feels a bit hard and tough, you want to be able to flick the telly on and block all of that stuff out by having a good laugh!"

First And Last was created by Peter Holmes and has been commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Director BBC Content and Kate Phillips, Controller, Entertainment.

TV Zone approached BBC for comment.


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