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There’s trouble brewing in Albert Square as a new family is heading into The Queen Victoria. With Linda Carter struggling to manage the pub since Mick’s disappearance, both Sharon Watts and the Panesars are vying to join forces with Linda to run Albert Square’s iconic pub.

However, little do they know that Linda is secretly teaming up with her mother, Elaine Peacock, who will be bringing her new lover, George Knight, and his two daughters, Gina and Anna, to the Square.

Colin Salmon will be taking on the role of George Knight, a tough-talking and fiercely protective doting dad who heads up the Knight family. Colin has an illustrious career spanning film, television and theatre including James Bond and Prime Suspect. Harriet Thorpe will playing Elaine, Linda’s larger than life mother. With a career spanning 42 years, Harriet has graced the West End as well as appearing in numerous tv shows including Absolutely Fabulous.

Francesca Henry, who has appeared in dramas such as A Discovery of Witches will be taking on the role of Gina and will be joined by Molly Rainford, commonly known for her role of Nova Jones in CBBC and more recently for her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, who will be playing Anna, the youngest of the family and with the sisters arriving in Walford, drama will not be far away. The family also bring their beloved Chihuahua, Tyson.

Speaking of the Knights, Chris Clenshaw, Executive Producer said: “The arrival of the Knights brings a new dawn to Albert Square. George Knight is a charming rogue and an old-school gent who dotes on his two daughters, Gina and Anna. George will take up residence in The Queen Vic when he joins his beloved Elaine, a powerhouse of a land-lady who knows just how to have fun...

"The couple will be joined by feisty, determined and demanding Gina, who is as sharp and cool as cut diamonds but with a temper that blazes like fire, whereas younger sister, Anna is fun, loveable, and big-hearted, but don’t underestimate her. George, Gina and Anna have been bound together for years and arriving in Walford is the fresh-start the Knights are looking for...

"We’re thrilled to welcome this hugely talented group of actors; Colin Salmon, Harriet Thorpe, Francesca Henry and Molly Rainford who will be immediately thrown into the heart of the Square, and we can’t wait for everyone to meet them.”

Speaking on joining the show, Colin said: “I’m thrilled to be joining the cast of EastEnders to take on the role of George Knight. I’m excited to explore the character of George, a true East End gentleman having been born in the East End myself. I have a great affinity and love for the show and I look forward to being part of the great legacy.”

Harriet adds: “I’m thrilled to be playing Elaine who is an ultimate matriarch with a huge and vivid personality with a heart of gold who takes no prisoners and fights with all she’s got, but has a vulnerable side that she only shows a select few. The Vic needs strong women running it, and I want to honour the incredible, iconic queens who define EastEnders since the beginning. The entire company is a dream come true to work with, full of support, laughs, and creativity, with the warmest welcome from day one. The East End is where my family started out, so for me this feels like coming home!”

Francesca adds: “I wish I could tell younger me that one day I would be joining the show that I watched religiously every night with my Grandma. It’s very surreal and a true privilege to be trusted to bring Gina to the Square, and to be a part of such an exciting, tight-knit new family.”

Molly adds: “I’m SUPER excited to be joining the cast of EastEnders. It’s such an iconic show which myself and my family love, so it’s an honour to bring the character Anna Knight to life who is set to stir up drama upon her arrival. I’ve already met a few familiar faces from my time on Strictly and I can’t wait to meet and be a part of the EastEnders family.”

EastEnders continues Mon-Thu at 7:30pm on BBC One and iPlayer.


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