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The Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz are set to welcome a new face to the TARDIS this year as actor and comedian John Bishop joins the cast as Dan Lewis.

As he becomes embroiled in the Doctor’s adventures, Dan will quickly learn there’s more to the Universe(s) than he could ever believe. Travelling through Space and Time alongside the Doctor and Yaz, he’ll face evil alien races beyond his wildest nightmares. A further synopsis for episode one is below...

The BBC have now confirmed that Doctor Who will begin at 6:25pm (UK) on Sunday 31st October, sandwiched between Countryfile at 5:25pm and Strictly Come Dancing at 7:15pm.

Episode 1 is titled 'The Halloween Apocalypse'.

"On Halloween, all across the universe, terrifying forces are stirring. From the Arctic Circle to deep space, an ancient evil is breaking free. And in present-day Liverpool, the life of Dan Lewis is about to change forever. Why is the Doctor on the trail of the fearsome Karvanista? And what is the Flux?"

Matt Strevens, Executive Producer, says: “I can’t wait for the audience to come on the Flux ride with us. It’s our biggest adventure yet with so many brilliant new characters to fall in love with. We had a blast making it.”

Doctor Who: Flux launches Sunday 31st October at 6:25pm on BBC One.


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