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A brand-new immersive audiobook will join the line-up of Big Finish’s highly-acclaimed Doctor Who – The Audio Novels range in July 2023. Matthew Waterhouse writes and performs Prisoners of London, an exciting six-hour-long enhanced audio adventure featuring Adric, Nyssa, Tegan and the Fifth Doctor.

At last, the TARDIS has got it right! The Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan have landed in London, 1982! Look over there! Buckingham Palace. Look! There’s Tower Bridge! It’s only a tube journey to Heathrow! Tegan rejoices.

And yet... The Palace is home not to a Queen but to an Emperor! The familiar soldiers in busbies are robots. There is not just one Tower Bridge, there are four! There are 1950s police boxes on every street corner. And no-one has heard of Heathrow... But the TARDIS is not wrong. It is London 1982, no doubt about it. As the Doctor tries to work out what’s happening, he is accused of trying to assassinate the Emperor; Adric and Nyssa are kidnapped; and Tegan is sentenced to life imprisonment on the moon.

As if this was not enough, there is something fearsome waiting underground which will change the lives of every Londoner forever. All in London, 1982.

Doctor Who – The Audio Novels: Prisoners of London, featuring specially composed music and sound effects, is now available to pre-order for just £17.99 (digital download only), exclusively from Matthew Waterhouse said: “Classic Doctor Who is in my veins because I’ve been around it all of my adult life. I really enjoyed doing Prisoners of London as it's a fascinating and very exciting process. It’s fun finding where the Tardis crew are going – somewhere an adventure can occur.

“I always try to write towards the spirit of classic Doctor Who so that everything makes sense based on what we already know of the characters while also trying to enrich and deepen them.” Producer David Richardson added: “I’m a huge fan of Matthew’s writing on these audiobooks, and this was an instant commission after the success of his first, Watchers. Prisoners of London is another expansive and thrilling adventure full of so much detailed world building and many rich and fascinating characters.”


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