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A range of new and returning daytime series beginning on Monday 4th January on BBC One, Two and Channel 4.

Rip Off Britain: Holidays (9:15am - BBC One)

The customers who paid top dollar for comprehensive travel insurance, only to find they couldn’t make much use of it because of the pandemic, and now it’s too late to get a refund. And travel guru Simon Calder gives us his top tips for travel after Brexit.

Wanted Down Under Revisited (11am - BBC One)

With children who might benefit from a life outside in the sunshine, has Zelease convinced husband Matt to move to Australia?

Moments Of Proof (11:45am - BBC One)

A single text message, hidden amongst thousands, nails a serial fraudster; and an extraordinary surveillance operation leads straight to the kidnappers – and their hostage.

The Farmers' Country Showdown (3:45am - BBC One)

Sheep and arable farmers John and Ed head to Moseley farmers’ market to sell their produce alongside the Styan family, who grow fruit and vegetables.

The Bidding Room (4:30am - BBC One)

Five dealers bid against each other for items brought in by the public, including a tribal mask, vintage seed drill, decorative press, toy horse and a mysterious Edwardian piece.

A Place In The Sun (3pm - Channel 4)

Hugh and Bruce are looking to relocate from Scotland to Alicante in south-eastern Spain, so Jasmine Harman lines up five properties for their budget of £135,000.

A New Life In The Sun (4pm - Channel 4)

A London couple roll out plans for their new motorhome business in France, while in Spain, a couple work hard to fill their empty guest house.

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