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PREVIEW: Corrie's Big Week, ITV

Coronation Street moves to 9pm for its annual week of big episodes.

Monday - Jenny faces danger upon learning the truth about Sharon. Nina is devastated by Asha's betrayal. Sarah persuades Adam to back out of a promise.

Tuesday - Gary places himself in the firing line. Corey's presence casts a shadow at Seb's funeral. Carla and Sarah set out to reclaim their stock.

Thursday - Abi assists Asha in her plan to obtain evidence from Corey. Carla and Sarah make their getaway. Adam informs Peter of his change of heart.

Friday - Asha and Abi's plot backfires when Corey takes a tumble. Carla blames Sarah for Adam's decision. Gary hopes Maria will ask him to stay.

Coronation Street airs at 9pm on Monday 31st May, Tuesday 01st, Thursday 03rd and Friday 04th June on ITV.

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